Invest-Mobile is a solution oriented partner for your mobility. We deliver our electric vehicles to companies and institutions in the following areas: hotels (persons and/or goods transport), public services (police, ambulance, fire department, hospitals), touristic service (touristic routes, airports, etc.), means of transport (ports, employment zones, factories, etc.), advertising and events agencies, alternative means of transport (amusement parks, zoos, older people, etc.).

Electric Golf Carts

Invest-Mobile is a producer and supplier of the electric golf carts. Driving electrically on the public road? The electric golf cart is the alternative vehicle for all your travelling in the city, on the golf course, on your company premises or near your home. Our vehicles meet all requirements for driving on public roads in Europe. All the cars are delivered with Certificate of Conformity and licence plate.
Since its foundation we have become the market leader in Europe in a short period. Our worldwide established relations acknowledge us as a solution oriented supplier of functional, environmental friendly vehicles.
Invest-Mobile is also a founder of Park&Drive electric in Europe